This web site documents the experience gained and information learned while dabbling in the fascinating field of High Power Model Rocketry.  I have been fascinated by the science of chemistry for as long as I can remember.  This fascination allowed me to focus on a career that I still practice today.  Like many “formative” chemists I was a “basement bomber” in my youth.  I remember being “grounded” at least once by my Mother for having a rocket propellant mixture go off prematurely in the house rather than
outside.  I was also flying model rockets early in my youth.  Like many, Estes model rockets provided a safe, constructive outlet for my curiosity into rockets.  Living on a farm in the mid 1960’s provided lots of outdoor space to fly them.  The combination of loving rockets and chemistry naturally evolved into a fascination for the science of propellants.  As my hair grew thinner and whiter my free time increased enough that I could devote a bit more time to model rocketry.  I “graduated” from black powder to mid power F and G motors. Finally, shortly after a move to Florida the step to High Power was made.  My

level 1 certification occurred in 2005 using an H97 in a BSD Sprint.  The cost of flying commercial composite propellant motors soon got me to thinking about making my  own propellants.  It was not
long before the obvious choice of working with sugar propellants to minimize this cost and increase safety became clear.  The information presented on this web site reflects the efforts that I have made to understand the factors involved in preparing safe, reliable sugar based propellants.  I have spent many
years involved in the science of experimentation.  In the world of research it is simply not allowed to accept the results of a single experiment as “law”.  All of the experimental results such as engine static tests, melt behaviors, strand burn tests, etc. listed on the various pages of this web site have been at least double checked for accuracy unless otherwise noted.  The  info. found on this site is not intended to be all-inclusive.  You will find many holes with respect to the topics discussed herein.  This may be because I have not gotten around to addressing such a missing topic or that it is sufficiently well addressed on someone else's site..

If you are new to rocketry it is imperative that you make safety an integral part of all your activities.  Propellants are energetic materials and are extremely flammable.  When improperly confined in a motor they can explode (CATO).  Rockets in flight are high velocity projectiles.  They must be properly built and flown.  DO NOT TAKE SHORTCUTS  with respect to safety.
Farm of my youth - Angle, Utah
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